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Persistence can destroy everything

Tips for making the best logo
  • Use a Visual Double Entendre.
  • Color is Vitally Important. …
  • Avoid the Cliché 
  • 4. Make it Ownable
  • Everybody Loves Custom Type
Tips for Designing Logos That Don’t Suck
  1. Use a Visual Double Entendre. …
  2. Color is Vitally Important. …
  3. Avoid the Cliché …
  4. 4. Make it Ownable. …
  5. Everybody Loves Custom Type. …
  6. Keep it Simple Stupid. …
  7. Consider Proportion & Symmetry. …
  8. Think About Negative Space.
Reasons your logos fail

1. Having too simple or too complex designs

2. Going for cheap choices

3. Using poor quality images

4. Neglecting the brand